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Luxor Temple

King Amenhotep III (of the Eighteenth Dynasty) and the son of Tuthmosis IV built the inner part of the Temple of Luxor , close to the Nile , just to the south of the city . The temple was completed during the reign of Ramses II of the Ninth Dynasty . Like all Egyptian temples , it was planned along traditional lines: it contained a sanctuary with surrounding chambers , a large colonnade hall , the Hypostyle Hall and the Open Court .

Luxor Temple was dedicated to the Triad of Thebes . "Amun Re" , the patron god of Thebes , his wife (Mut) , and his son (Khunt was called "Ipet resyt , " which means the Southern Opet , or the Place of the Seclusion of Amun-Re) . It was directly connected to the Karnak Temple , the main cult center of Amun-Re who sometimes took the shape of god Min
, the god of fertility , and they together form god 'K3mwt . f . ' This combination between Amun and Min only takes place during the Opet Festival .