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1- Check In & Check Out Time in Nile Cruises

Nile Cruises Check In Time:

Normaly the check in time is at 11:00 AM Before Lunch. However Most of the Flights come very early in Morning. So if your Cabin is free they will give you the cabin immediatly. If there is no place you will have till Normal check in time. In order to avoid this problem we highly recommend that you start your tours directly after coming from Airport or Train Station.

Nile Cruises Check Out Time:

The Majority of Nile Cruise Check Out Time is at 8:00 or 9:00 AM Just After Breakfast. They have to clean the cabins before other guests come to check in at 11:00 AM. However if your Flight or Train is in the Afteroon or by Night you can still use the Cruise Facilities but Not the Cabin or the Restaurant. Also You can leave your luguages at the Cruise and take a walk in the city or make some tours. In Normal cases you would finish all your tours the Day before unless your Guide tell you another schedule

2- Official Nile Cruise Classes

Nile Cruises in Egypt are officially categorized to 2 Stars, 3 Stars, 4 Stars, 4 Stars+, 5 Stars and 5 Stars+. But This is NOT a good way to measure the quality of the Cruise.

You can find two Nile Cruises with the same Official Rating but with great differences between them. That's why we did not relay on the Official Rating when we categorized the Nile Cruises.

The Majority of the Nile Cruises are 5 Stars right now in Egypt. Most of the Old 2, 3 & 4 Stars are in renovoation phase to be 5 Stars. So it so diffuclt to find a cheap Nile Cruise is some dates.

So When you choose a Nile Cruise don't look only for Price but also you have to see all other Factors that affect this price such as (Tours Included, Meals Included, Chartered Cruises, Cabins Size, Cruise Shape and Decoration, Cruise Brand Name)


3- Different Types of Nile Cruise programs

Nile Cruises make the trip between Luxor and Aswan Cities at the South of Egypt. There are 3 different Nile Cruise Programs.

The first program is 3 Nights / 4 Days Aswan - Luxor Program. In this Program you start the trip from Aswan City. You visit Aswan City then the Nile Cruise Sail to Luxor. On the Way the Nile Cruise Stops at Kom Ombo City to visit Kom Ombo Temple and at Edfu City to visit Edfu Temple. At the End the Nile Cruise Arrive to Luxor. In Luxor you visit the West Bank of Luxor. This is the Normal 3 Nights / 4 Days Nile Cruise program. However there are very few Nile Cruises that make this Program in reverse order. You Start from Luxor City and you End at Aswan.

The second program is the 4 Nights / 5 Days Luxor - Aswan Program. The Difference between this program and the 3 Nights program is that you visit the East Bank of Luxor City (Karnak & Luxor Temples) and you get an Extra Felucca Ride in Aswan. This Program starts from Luxor and Ends at Aswan. However there are also very few Nile Cruises that make it in reverse order from Aswan to Luxor. In our Opinion this is the Ideal Program for a Nile Cruise Trip.

The Third program is the 7 Nights / 8 Days Luxor / Aswan / Luxor program. In This program you make the same tours as 4 Nights program. Very few Nile Cruises add sailing to Dendara to visit Dendara Temple. In our opinion this is very long Trip. A lot of people get bored from this 7 Nights Trip. We recommend that clients take a 4 Nights Nile Cruise program and save their money to do something else in the other 3 Nights.

Please Note:

* Programs may be changed without prior notice due to navigational circumstances.
* Programs may change in sequence but not in visits.


4- What are the Entertainment On Board Nile Cruises?

Most Nile Cruises have a Discotheque, Belly Dance Show, fancy Galabia Party and Nubian Folkloric Show Every day there is a full entertainment program, which differs from one boat to the other.

In Some Cruises (Depend on The Cruise Class) the first day is usually a cocktail party, run by the boat, where they offer free drinks and introduce the staff on board. This party is also called (the managers party, where the manager introduces his crew to the guests on board; don’t orget to wear formal clothes during this party!

Another night there is( a Galabia party or long dress party), where you will be encouraged to get Egyptian outfits and wear the local Galabia. During such parties, some games are conducted; the tour guides on board run the party, which offers much fun!! To buy a Galabia will cost you around 10 US$, but if you do not wish to buy one, you can hire one from the bazaar shop located on board.

Another night will have a Nubian show, where you will see Nubian dancers and singers in their local outfit. The last evening�s entertainment is usually has: a belly dancing show, a juggler s show, and local singers and bands. There are many bazaars outside the Temples that you will be visit during your cruise.

Please Note:

Entertainment can vary from Nile Cruise to Another. DO NOT EXPECT to have the same Entertainment in a Cheap Nile Cruise such as the Entertainment of an Ultra Luxury Nile Cruise.


5- How to get to Nile Cruise starting point?

Nile Cruises Start From Luxor:

You can reach Luxor by several ways. From Cairo you can take the Train and By Domestic Flight (Recommended). From Hurghada you can reach Luxor by Bus or Private Car. Also you can reach Luxor by Domestic Flights From Sharm El Sheikh.

Nile Cruises Start From Aswan:

You can reach Aswan by Train and Domestic Flight From Cairo and by Bus From Hurghada (Not Recommended).

Transportation From Aswan or Luxor Airport / Train Station / Bus Station To Your Nile Cruise


However Nile Cruises can change its Starting Day at any time without Notice according to their contracts with Tour Operators. Also the Nile Cruise can be Fully chartered to a Tour Operator during the requested Date. So when you book a Nile Cruise we have to check about their current starting Day and availability before paying any Money. That's why there is No Online Instant Nile Cruise Booking on the Net.


6- What Does the Meals Includes in My Nile Cruise Trip?

There are Two types of Nile Cruise Package which are:

Nile Cruises On Full Board Basis:

The Majority of Nile Cruises are on Full Board Basis. All meals are included and are in an open buffet style (Or Set Menu in Some Cruises), some days there are many varieties, depending of the type and quality of the cruise boat; these meals are served with a fixed timetable. In Some Cruises, Tea and coffee is available, while on the move, every day at 5:00 pm. Other drinks are offered in the bar area.

Nile Cruises On All Inclusive Basis:

Very Few Nile Cruises are on All Inclussive Basis (Very Expensive, For 7 Nights Only). All Inclusive includes Full Board Basis and All Beverage such as Miniral Water, Soft Drink, Hot Drink, Coffee, Tea, Juice, Local Alcoholics (By Glass) etc.


7-For Your Saftey

You should avoid drinking large amounts of alcohol especially if you have equilibrium problems. You are not just putting yourself at peril, but also the other guests and staff too.

People with equilibrium problems should not spend too much time on deck at night, on a fast moving ship; it is dangerous in case you fall over.

Smoking in bed is dangerous; the mattresses are very flammable!

People who tend to sleep walk should never take a cabin with a balcony, an inside cabin with a window would be far safer.

Make sure that you know where the muster stations are, in case you have to abandon ship.

If you get sick whilst on board, some cruise boats have a resident doctor on board. If not, they have doctors assigned in each town that can be called on in case of emergency.


8-What To Wear During My Nile Cruise Trip

While enjoying the tours, you can wear whatever you like, though due to the extreme heat (in Summer) it is recommended you wear lightweight clothes. But you have to put in your mind that Egypt is a Muslim country, so respect must be given to this, particularly when visiting temples and other religious monuments. It is suggested that ladies avoid �clingy, tight, suggestive attire, and stick with cool flowing cottons i. e. -long sleeved shirts and pants, in busy city areas. Shorts are rarely seen in cities; in fact Egyptian men choose to wear long pants. Ex-military style clothing should not be worn.

On Board Your Nile Cruise:

Beach attire is fine, on board the felucca cruise or Nile cruise. You may wear shorts and swimming costumes, if you wish. Breakfast and lunch can be taken dressed like this, but for dinner, please wear smarter clothes!