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Philae Temple in Aswan

The original site of the temple is the Island of Philae which disappeared under the waters of the middle lake between the Old Dam and the High Dam , after the building of the latter . Before the High Dam , and during the summer months , the Philae Island suffered every year from the Nile flood and visitors had to use boats that sailed within the capitals of its columns . The Old Dam created a lake extending south about 225 kilometers until reaching the Sudanese border and Philae was flooded each year during the summer months . Visitors had to use boats passing through the pylons and the capitals of the temple's columns . The temple was not affected much except for the paintwork which was washed away by the waters of the lake .

With the construction of the High Dam , Philae had to be saved like many other monuments of the Historical Nubia , or else , it would have remained trapped between the two dams . Works for the salvation of the temple began in 1970 and lasted for almost 10 years when , at last , the monuments of the island were moved to Angelika , northwest of Philae Island . Since waters already covered the monuments at Philae , the Italian engineers had to build a cofferdam around the island and then pump the water out . The new location was carefully landscaped to resemble the original landscape of Philae as much as possible . More than 40 , 000 blocks , weighing about 20 , 000 tons were moved to the new location . 
The temple was the last of Nubian temples to be moved , as it was already submerged and it was not finished until 1980 , when its reassembling on the neighboring Angelika Island by an Italian expedition was completed . 
In ancient times , the site , with speedy and turbulent falls , was considered a sacred place , as the Ancient Egyptian thought it was the first ground created from Nun (the original ocean) out of Chaos . It was also here where Isis raised her son Horus and where a part of Osiris body was found . The Ancient Egyptian thought also that Hapi , the god of the Nile , lived in this place . 
The Taharqa altar to Amun is the earliest evidence of structures on the island . The first building of the temples dates back to the 26th Dynasty , but the major part of the building is from the roman period when the Cult of Isis had a great popularity in the Mediterranean countries . The cult of Isis was practiced in its island until the 6th century when the temple was finally closed by Justinian in 550 A . D , and later was converted into a Christian church . In fact , Philae was the last surviving outpost of the old Egyptian pagan religion . 
Besides the temple itself , the complex contains other beautiful buildings such as the Vestibule of Nectanebos at the entrance of the temple , Temple of the Hadrian , The Temple of Hathor , Trajan's Kiosk and a birth house . 
The tourist can also enjoy a magical experience by night of the Sound and Light Show , with fantastic views and magical stories of the place .