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Take a Jasmine Dahabyia Nile Cruise to discover The Nile's beauty. offers a modern, fully furnished space for you to stay throughout your vacation.Jasmine offers a variety of entertainment options, international cuisine, luxurious accommodation and incomparable service.Join us and discover the secrets of the pharaohs.

Meroe Dahabiya was completely renovated in 2017.Eight Standard cabins and two Panoramic suites are available for accommodation.There are over than 15 people working on board to take care of you and make sure you have access to all the comforts you need.The most luxurious experience on the Nile is available on board Meroe Dahabiya.

You can experience luxury and specialized service on the Merit Dahabiya, which is not available on a larger ship. The Merit Dahabiya features a comfortable lounge and restaurant, a huge sundeck with a Jacuzzi, and 8 stylish cabins with large windows and private bathrooms.

The luxurious Dahabiya Cruises Malouka sails between Esna and Aswan. Spend your time on board Malouka Dahbaiya Cruises enjoying the Nile's beauty and experiencing in the ancient and well-known monuments built by the Egyptians.Anybody looking to cruise the Nile without being restricted by a limited space can do so in comfort in our newest and largest dahabiya

Of Nour El Nil's four dahabiyas, Assouan is the most private and beautifully sleek. Assouan occupies a special place in our hearts because it was the first dahabiya that Nour El Nil launched. It is the most comfortable and reasonably priced of our four dahabiyas, but it still provides our unparalleled standards of comfort, service, and cuisine.

A luxurious Dahabiya cruise that travels between Esna and Aswan is the Nour El Nil. Spend your time on Nour El Nil Dahbaiya experiencing the Nile's natural beauty while viewing the ancient and well-known wonders created by the Egyptians for the ideal vacation and relaxation.

Based on the style of an original Dahabiya from the late 18th and early 19th century, the Sacred Lotus Dahabiya was designed.The lower deck also includes a lovely living room, four cabins, and one suite in addition to the salon.The half-shaded sundeck is the perfect place to relax and enjoy with the Nile scenery

The magnificent Three Pyramids Dahabiya offers 6 double cabins with twin or large beds, 1 suite with huge bed, private terrace and each with a panoramic window. A sizable sundeck is also available for enjoying with the view of the Nile and the warm climate.Taking the Three Pyramids Dahabiya from Luxor to Aswan is a more leisurely way to cruise the Nile.

Explore the world's longest river while aboard our dahabiya Abundance, which offers a romantic and private setting.Choose this Dahabiya from Luxor (Esna) to Aswan and join us for an incredible trip down the Nile visiting tombs and temples of the pharaohs.With us, we promise that your Trip will be one to remember!

Agatha Christie Dahabiya

Agatha Christie Dahabiya is the second of four elegant, luxurious Dahabiya sisters. From this luxury, you can take a breathtaking Nile River Dahabiya Cruise.You can take the Agatha Christie Dahabiya on one of our incredible Nile Cruises to discover Egypt's legendary river. A Nile Cruise will enable you to explore the river's banks and visit historic sites.

M/S Amoura Dahabiya

The magnificent river yacht MS Amoura has six tastefully decorated cabins, each with a panoramic window that allows you to privately enjoy in the beauty of the Nile. A sizable sundeck is also available for enjoying the Nice view and the Moderate climate.On this special boat, you will enjoy the Nile in elegance and luxury as it takes you from Esna to Aswan and back.