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Nubian Village

The three Nubian Villages that are set in a beautiful landscape of the palm trees are located in the bottom of the Elephantine Islands.

Have a great time as you undergo the experience of how they earn tie livelihood that they happily show to you.

In the Pharaonic times these villages of great significance as they wee source of gold

Nubians are the ancient tribes who inhabited this part of Aswan. These people who are of a simple taste and innocent nature stand in stark contrast to the Arab countrymen. It is almost like ancient and traditional wonders in the modern world.

Visit the Nubian museum which is one of the most famous museums in Egypt. If you are interested to learn about the history and the culture of the Nubian people then a visit to this museum is a must. See the beautiful artifacts that are featured in this museum. Learn about the sacrifices of the Nubians who suffered a lot during the construction of the High dam.

If you are on a trip to these Nubian Villages you can have a taste of the tasty bread that they bake in their households. See the local handicraft that they make. Also what is interesting is their houses that are made of ceramics. The bright colors houses are more African in their style rather than being Egyptian. See the baby crocodiles that the Nubians let free in Lake Nasser when they grow.