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The Temple of Meharakka

the Temple of Meharakka was build under Roman rule.it was not finished but is special as it has the only spiral staircase in any ancient Egyptian structure

It was build under Roman rule. The temple was not finished, but is special because it has the only spiral staircase in any ancient Egyptian structure. It was dedicated to Serapis, the Alexandrian god. This god was introduced in Egypt in Ptolemaic times, and is a fusion of the Egyptian Gods Osiris and Apis and the Greek gods Zeus and Aesculape.Al-Meharakka is a place in Lower Nubia, which was approximately 120 km south of Aswan on the southern border of the Roman empire. The Temple of Meharakka was originally situated here before it was subsequently relocated in the mid-1960s due to the Aswan High Dam project.The only part of the structure that was finished was a court measuring 13.56 X 15.69 m, which was surrounded on three sides by columns. The actual temple premises containing the sanctuary was never actually built. The Temple of Meharakka features an architectural curiosity with a winding spiral staircase at a corner of the court, which led to its roof. This is the only Egyptian temple in Nubia with a spiral staircase