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"Wadi El Seboua" The name is referring to the avenue of sphinxes that leads up to this temple which was built during the reign of Ramesses II

The Tomb of Pennut is located in Aniba, South Aswan, near Amada Temple.This tomb belongs to Pennut who was the overseer of the province of Aniba

Lake Nasser is a vast reservoir in southern Egypt & one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. it is 479 km long and 16 km across at its widest point

The Monastery is located behind a hill , in the West Bank of Aswan , in front of Elephantine Island . It is usually visited by tourists taking a camel tour .

The magnificent temples of Dendera and Abydos which are from the best examples of fine architecture in ancient Egypt. In Dendara where you can visit the Temple of Hathor, before continuing for an afternoon of sightseeing in Abydos, home to "The Cult of Osiris"