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Luxury Nile Cruises

Between the lovely city of Luxor and the fascinating city of Aswan, the Nile Dolphin Cruise started sailing in February 2007.The Nile Dolphin has French Empire-inspired decorations that have been adapted for modern tastes.The floating hotel features 63 deluxe double cabins and 2 suites, a restaurant, a panorama lounge,a sun deck with a pool.

With exciting tours and shore excursions in Upper Egypt to Luxor jewels, Kom Ombo, Edfu, and Aswan attractions, MS Mojito Nile Cruise provides you a pleasant cruise for the experience of a lifetime. It takes you there to uncover the mysteries of the Pharaohs between Luxor and Aswan.

The MS Miss World Nile Cruise is a luxury and unique experience, so come on board! With luxurious cabins, biggest dining, and a range of onboard activities and excursions to keep you entertained, this lovely vessel offers an all-inclusive experience. You'll enjoy travelling in comfort and style while admiring the magnificent Nile panorama.

M/S La Traviata has positioned itself as a long-time favourite among many Nile cruise passengers.Egyptian and international food are both served in the little restaurant on the lower deck. The nighttime entertainment at the lounge bar includes a dance floor and sound system.The sundeck has a pool, sun loungers, and a covered area.

A five-star luxury Nile cruise ship named MS Kon Tiki travels between Aswan and Luxor. The cruise is famous for its luxurious accommodations and excellent service. From your cabin, you can take in the magnificent view of the Nile as well as the sun deck's pool and outdoor bar. Your trip to Upper Egypt will be enjoyable as you explore the pharaonic temples and antiquated ruins in Luxor and Aswan.

Take a luxurious cruise on one of the extra luxury Jaz Nile Cruises " The MS Jaz Crown Jubilee ".The MS Jaz Crown Jubilee has 76 luxurious double cabins and four deck levels to choose from. The primary cabins on the upper deck have enormous panoramic sliding windows that offer a breathtaking view of the Nile as you cruise.There is a sizable restaurant on the MS Jaz Crown Jubilee that can accommodate all of the visitors at once. The sun deck with a pool, a sizable lounge with a bar, a pool bar, and a gift store are also present.

This five-star luxury Nile Cruise gives you a voyage to remember with fine dining and traditional delicious cuisine, lovely settings, a full schedule of onboard entertainment, and easy access to the attractions and landscapes of Upper Egypt and the Nile. The Crown Jewel has 24-hour reception, internet access, international telephone and fax services.

With its outstanding atmosphere and highly individualized services, The Crown Prince Nile Cruise appeals to a wide range of tastes. View the beautiful Nile from one of the cosy, lovingly designed cabins. Every day, our visitors may look forward to a 24-hour cuisine experience. With the spectacular, lively performances and concerts we offer, the night is always alive. Nothing tops a relaxing bath or a body massage to end the evening.

A chance to see some of Egypt's beautiful tourist attractions is provided by the Tuya Nile Cruise. A variety of eating options and a lovely sun deck are available on board.The M/S TuYa is a magnificent Nile cruise with 58 luxurious cabins and 3 suites. There are pool and built-in Jacuzzi on the sundeck. To stay in the exclusive class of luxurious five-star ships on the Nile, the ship underwent major renovations in 2010.

Enter the Amarante Nile Cruise world of comfort and incomparable luxury while sailing the River Nile in Upper Egypt between Luxor and Aswan on board Amarante Osiris Nile Cruise.Enjoy the stunning panoramic sunset of upper Egypt while lounging on the expansive sun decks, swimming in the onboard pool, and refreshing yourself with a cocktail.Amarante Nile Cruise is a River Nile cruise vacation you will always remember.

Enjoy a world of wonder and romance as you smoothly cruise along the magnificent Nile River and then explore the magnificent Pharaonic temples.With 38 Cabins and 1 suite, the famous Nile cruise ship Amarante Osiris travels between Luxor and Aswan.All cabins are wide, luxurious, and provide a view of the river from a huge panoramic window. They are attractively decorated with traditional furniture.

One of the most luxurious and 5-star cruise ships is Terramar Nile Cruise. There is plenty of space to walk around, privacy, and luxurious cabins on board the ship. There are multiple options for relaxation, and the food is wonderful.Terramar is one of the most luxurious and top-rated Nile cruises in Egypt, offering 3 ,4 and seven-night trip Between Luxor and Aswan.

All Suites Cruise is what Triton Nile Cruise offers. It gets a 5 star rating from the government. According to Egyptian standards.  On board the ship, there are 21 suites. The standard suite measures 22 square metres. Every suite is on the main or upper deck. There is a large window in each suite on the Triton Nile Cruise.

The M/S La Boheme Nile cruise was launched in 2008. This magnificent boat was constructed to the same high standards as the new Nile boat 5-star generation.From its individual balconies in the guest suites, the M/S La Boheme Nile cruise offers stunning sights. The ship is elegantly furnished with a mix of traditional furniture styles and modern fabrics in an incredibly beautiful shades.

With high quality services and luxurious accommodations, the MS Salacia Nile cruise offers you a one-of-a-kind Nile cruising experience.Salacia Nile cruise, which is famous for its top quality and comfort, offers itineraries lasting three and four nights that let you discover Egypt's attractions on both sides of the Nile River.